Friday, March 28, 2008

thanks all

I couldn't have gotten through these last eleven days without the fierce love and gentle support of my friends and family.

Nancy and I have said to each other in the past how lucky we are that our friends have become our family and our family have become our friends.

Doesn't always happen that way.

We know how lucky we are and man alive we're grateful for you fine people.

I'm lifting the soft quarantine on Ms. Teapot. She said yesterday that if she didn't see someone every day from the Outside she'll go crazy and if you've ever seen Walsh crazy, well...

It's like one of those Japanese horror movies where people run through the streets of Tokyo.

She may change her mind and I'll have to rescind the order, but for now, come one, come all.

68th and York. Call me first, 917.539.3153.

And thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, me again from London - so glad you're doing this blog and glad operation went well. I feel a bit helpless from this end to help, but if for some reason you need anything from the UK, just give a shout. makes me miss NYC, wish I could come and visit but I know you are surrounded my your very many wonderful to you and nan...from Julia

John said...

We need some heavily battered and deeply fried fish. Any of that lying around?

Also, if you have any substandard or just plain baffling plumbing, that would be much appreciated.

Just keep sending love, she's getting it, I promise you.

Ann said...

Checking in from the airport in Fort Lauderdale...we'll be back in Syracuse tonight, and I hope to drive down to see Nan next weekend. Start making a list of Shit You Need Done, I'll get on it...starting with that post office situation of yours. Keep doing everything you've been doing, you're both rock stars in my book.

John said...

Come on Down, Ann, she could use your brand of love.

What are you going to do, storm the Knickerbocker Station down on East Broadway?

I know you could do it, but are you willing to do the time? That's a federal offense, I'm sure.

Ann said...

Federal Offense isn't a bad name for a band...

My dad used to say my gift in this life is to be able to rip people a new asshole, but to do it so precisely and completely they don't know what to do but say thank you afterward. So don't you worry - I'll evade prosecution. I have this far, haven't I? Not counting the outstanding warrant for my arrest in Texas...but that's another story for another day.

All my thought waves are concentrated on Nan's room on the
8th floor of that hospital, John. count on it. Sending big love to you both.

John said...

Now that's a story I want to hear.

I'll counter with D and D in Bowling Green and my recent night in the Tombs.

Can't tell the last story yet, matters still pending.

Ann said...

Matters still pending, indeed! I fled the state of Texas and got married and changed my name in an attempt to throw The Law off my tail, man...and yet *still* they send me ominously worded letters demanding I turn myself in.

But okay - I'll trade if you act out the drunk & disorderly when I see you this weekend. Might even throw in a handcuffed-in-the-back-of-a-cruiser story...well, the one that *wasn't* a bad date.