Friday, March 07, 2008

finally Friday

Ah, Friday.

The weeks have been racing this year and the last few days have been masquerading as Spring here in Rat City. I don't mind the winter, but I much prefer not having to carry around a hat, gloves, scarf and all the other stuff. That's mostly because (as my mother once and my wife now will tell you) I lose an average of two hats, four gloves and numberless scarves every year.

In my defense I have always said that certain objects, I believe, are promiscuous and trying to make them your own is just foolish.

Umbrellas and lighters, for example. They're not ever going to be yours alone, so just let them wend their way through the world.

Hats, scarves and gloves, obviously.

Sunglasses, too.

Heading out of town in about an hour, home tonight. Love the road with Walsh at the wheel.

Saw the old Liberty Theater last night. Wow. A sacred place in the middle of the new Times Square. An old Broadway theater quietly waiting, tucked away behind Applebees and McDonalds. Can't think of a more exact physical metaphor for the plight of Times Square, our city or the country, for that matter.

We're off. Don't forget to save your daylight on Sunday.

Spring may actually be here.

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