Thursday, March 13, 2008

give me Liberty or...what's the soup today?

Spitzer's gone and I'm told that the first legally blind black Governor in our nation's history is stepping in.

Governor Stevie Wonder.

Didn't even know Stevie was in politics. No, that's cheap.

Governor Ray Charles. How you doing, Governor? No, wait.

Governor David A. Paterson. Ladies and gentlemen, Gov. Paterson.

The microphone is actually over here, sir. Watch out for that...ah... careful with that pitcher of water, OH! No, it's all right, it's just water. Could you stop waving that cane around, sir? WHACKKK! Ow. Fuck.

This is not going to be smooth.

And, sure. I'm going straight to hell, anyway. May as well have some laughs on the way down.

So, many interesting developments on the Liberty Theater front. Talked to the architect who has been on the project for years, pitched him what I was sure was a hare-brained scheme, turns out I'm some kind of architectural idiot savant. He didn't say that, but I could tell he was thinking it. I had a cool idea that preserves everything but allows you to build like a bastard. We're going to meet and talk next week.

Also spoke with Andrew Berman from the Greenwich Village Historical Preservation Society. Spoke to him on one of those old phones where you hold the one part up to your ear and you speak into the other part. The operator kept listening in and I think it was a party line, but...

Man, that was going nowhere.

Anyway, Andrew knows all the legal stuff.

If anyone wants to get on board with this, email me at with Liberty in the subject and I'll put together a group and we'll save the thing and build something amazing right there in the middle of the Beast.

I'm off, thanks to the generosity of Scott Morfee and the good people of Barrow Street Theater, to rehearse The Event over at BST.

Watch out for that new governor.

Don't think he sees that good.


Lori said...

Thanks for taking that Eureka blocker off!!!

Here is the good news.

If Stevie Wonder passes a bad bill or agenda, you can move his furnature around.

How tempted would you be to stand behind him and make funny faces or act like your bored.

Think of the money New York will save by driving him around in a Taurus, with a $10.00 haircut from Great Clips.

You could hire some High School kids with water guns for his Secret Service.

O.K. enough

Now you are going to put that Eureka blocker back on.


John said...

O yeah. The tech team is already on it.

But nice to hear from you. Take care, now.

Leonard Jacobs said...

Anything to do with the Liberty, you KNOW to include me in, John.

I know Andrew too, btw. Used to chat with him often, and use him as a source for landmark pres. stories. Now I'm just another twerp on his email list. :-)