Monday, December 17, 2007

the truth, at last

Didn't catch all of it, but the Sunday talk show highlight for me was Tim Russert going for the full hour with the Mittbot. I, personally, would have been worried about the lengthy exposure to the radiation or whatever it is he emits. And the mindcontrol he's clearly capable of.

That's one high-tech robot.

Tim, in best prosecutorial mode, kept patiently nailing him. Mitt would smile, hunker down and press on. Impossible positions would become defensible, clear contradictions in public statements would vanish. Extraordinary. He's got a great sound bite he's playing now. When pressed on the ludicrous and racist dogma of his church, he gets all steely-eyed and repeats:

I'm proud of my faith. It's the faith of my fathers.

Tempted to go with "also the faith of his mothers." But that would be a cheap Mormon shot and we don't do that here. Ever.

But he was tough. Hung in there the whole hour. Fiercely defended the Idiot from Pastor Mike, contorted himself into the actual shape of a stem cell at one point, talking about abortion and generally beamed the Presidential Death Ray full-on.

Maybe there's some alien/Mormon connection we're all missing. Joe Smith, abducted by Maroni, taken to the Mother Ship, impregnates forty alien Mormonots or something, they come back down, off to Salt Lake. Generations later, Mitt rises.

I love a good conspiracy. Too bad there's no electronic way to spread rumors and conspiracy stories rapidly, like, globally. Hmmm...

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