Thursday, December 13, 2007

readings and writings and meetings

Had the big Captain Overlord's Folly reading on Tuesday up at the Ohio's Sixth Floor space. Assembled a true all-star veteran cast: Nancy Walsh, Kurt Rhoads, Kevin Pariseau, Paul Urcioli, Ben Schneider, Matt Oberg, Eva Van Dok, Bill Coelius, Matt Whitten, Danny O'Brien, Eric Davis and newcomer Kate Lord.

Man, it was good. Needs a ton of work, but as I said to someone at the bar afterwards, it floats. It's seaworthy. I'd been working on the thing for so long and this was the first time I'd heard it in a room with a bunch of people and it works. Hallelujah.

Second act is weak, but the ending is great. In other words, only things I can fix. Nothing needs to be scrapped.

Also read Greg Kotis' Bad Christmas, or most of it. Jesus, it's funny.

Met with my writing partner Dave Weems yesterday and he showed me our screenplay all typed up and looking real. Quite exciting. We've got a meeting this afternoon with a major player, Dave thinks he can hook us up with an agent and then, well, it's Scrappy Jack no more. Gentleman Jack, motherfuckers.

I'll be saying,

"Who? No, I don't think I remember you. From where? Stanton Street? I don't believe I've ever been to Stanton Street. Drive on, James."

In a bad bullshit English accent. Wearing a cape. O yes.

Also met up with Peter Tear and the good people at 59E59. The usual mutual hustle.

So far a productive week. May have yet another consulting client. We're just consulting our asses off around here.

All right. I'm late for a fitting. For a cape.

Drive on, James.

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