Saturday, December 22, 2007

holiday break

We're just cleaning up from the office Christmas party here at the Museum. Got crazy last night, me and Nancy and the cat all dancing around, lampshades on our head, way too much Electric Kool-Ade punch. Jesus, that punch.

Probably won't open up shop again until the new year and will be spending the first part of January in St. Louis, land of dial-up internet connection and Macs, so you might not hear from me until the Day of Her Birth, January 5th, Nancy Walsh Day.

Here's wishing everyone peace and rest and love.

Pretty hard year, 2007.

Raise a glass for those now gone and reach out your other hand and hold on tight to those still around. End of the day, that's all you've got.


Ann said...

"End of the day, that's all you've got"

And yet somehow, against all odds and reason, it is enough.

Merry Christmas, My friend. Miss you & Nan like crazy - why does Syracuse have to be so fucking far from NYC? I think we all know no one can rock a lampshade on their head quite like I can.

Here's my New Year's tip for you - locate a copy of Joe Henry's Civilians and listen to it non-stop. It helps, I promise.

Love to you both.

john said...


Will do, thanks for the tip.

You are, and shall always remain, the Lampshade Queen.

Another great name for a band. The Lampshade Queens.

Merry, happy and joyous.

Ann said...

Well, The Lampshade Queens beats the hell out of Vampire Weekend or Wolf Parade - just sayin.

Let me know if you need me to send a copy of Civilians. I can burn that *and* Tom Wait's box set and have them in the mail so fast it'll make your head spin.


Anonymous said...
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John said...

My head spins at the slightest breeze, it's that old threshing machine accident.

I'll pick them up myself, thanks to generous relatives giving me major gift cards this Christmas.

Got to love the gift cards.

Anonymous said...
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