Monday, December 17, 2007

random Monday

Oh man.

Went to Dov Weinstein's bachelor party last night at the Comfort Inn on 25th Street. Got home around 3:00. Strippers, male prostitutes, cocaine everywhere, lots and lots of unprotected sex. The usual drill.

No. Just poker and booze. Hilarious.

Day started with my cousin Deirdre's birthday party out in Queens. This year was also her engagement party, so lots of family. And strippers and cocaine and unprotected sex.

No. We always use protection out in Queens.

I've had White Stripes Icky Thump, Tom Waits Mule Variations and the Very Best of The Grateful Dead on seriously heavy rotation here at the Musuem. It's like the Soulful White Men Station around here.

Last week before the holidays hit. Need to get some stuff done and in the can before Friday.

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