Sunday, December 09, 2007

the kids are all right

Took a free-fall leap of faith on Friday, out to an apartment in Williamsburgh to see an illicit, off-the-books performance of a certain fairly recent Off-Broadway hit.

Yes, I said apartment.

20 of us crammed in a corner, three stellar young actors foaming away mere feet in front of us, no royalties, box office, backstage, lobby, program, nothing.

We're just sitting in their apartment and they're doing a show.

20 0f us and except for me and some dude named Richard I smoked with at intermission, no one over 20 years of age. No idea why Richard was there. I went because a kid named Emily Loeb invited me. Emily came and saw Americana Absurdum in London three years ago and stayed in touch. Last week she emails me and says:

"We're doing this thing, we're doing it in an apartment, can you come?"

Now, I love apartment theater. I've seen professional apartment theater and random, broke-ass apartment theater, and I love both varieties. Even if the play sucks, you're sitting in someone's home, watching art or something like it flail and flap around in front of you.

I love it.

This one was spectacular. They're doing it a few more times, call me and I can hook you up. And if you're an agent or a casting director out there reading this, you need to see these people.

Nothing startling, just straight-on American psychological realism, but the acting and the direction are really, really fine. Play is quiet good, better than I remember it being. It's set in an apartment, so it works great.

Actors are the aforementioned Emily Loeb, T.J. Linnard and Ian Alda. Direction by Brian Frederick. Smoking young talent.

And from the political world, the best quote of the Sunday talk shows has to go to Joe Biden on This Week with George Stephanopoulus. Talking about the latest outrage, he says,

"...this is the Nixon administration without the competence."

Go, Joe.

My dream ticket: Obama Biden.

Say it out loud. It rolls, doesn't it? And we convince McCain to be Secretary of State and suddenly the world might have a prayer again.

I can dream, right?

Busy, busy week. Trying to get everything locked down before the holidays rage. 08 could be very rewarding if I can keep all the ducks in their goddamned rows.

Goddamned ducks. They just won't stay in their rows.

Goddamn them to hell.



isaac said...

dude, you do not want McCain as Sec-State. His idea of a foreign policy is "bomb it".

john said...

Yeah, that's true, isn't it? Just trying to keep the fucker away from anything domestic.