Thursday, January 31, 2008


It became a two-candidate race on both sides yesterday, with Rudy and Edwards seeing the light and realizing that blowing millions of dollars of other people's money just to get in the papers everyday is not a smart or honorable thing to do. I'd say so long, Johnny Hotcakes, but I got a feeling he ain't going anywhere. We'll be hearing from that boy, whether we want to or not.

And what happened to Huckabee?

Seriously, anyone know? I missed that news cycle, must have been traveling. Doesn't matter, just wondering.

So we've got four potential match-ups here. The way I figure it is,

If it's Romney, Democrats win either way. Clinton kicks his ass the old-school way, Obama makes him look old-school.

If it's McCain, it gets trickier. I think McCain can beat Clinton, because then you'll have two old-school faces battling it out and, frankly, the nation likes McCain more then they like Hilary. Just a "have a beer with" kind of bullshit liking, but sadly, that means a lot in this country. Most people wanted to have a beer with Bush more than they wanted to have a beer with Kerry four years ago, even though Bush ostensibly doesn't drink anymore. Thus making morons of us all.

Obama beats McCain handily, Johnny Mac becomes Nixon to Obama's Kennedy. The pitch becomes,

Want an old, tired white guy who's been in town forever, or this charismatic, relaxed and funny young guy?

Nation says,

Young guy, please.

You run against McCain like you're running against Bob Dole. Show a lot of respect and never engage with him. Like he's everybody's grandfather. Implicitly saying,

Old as dirt. Great guy, but come on.

Anyway, that's the morning line here at the Dime Museum.

If you like Obama, or even if you don't, you should find Parliament's Chocolate City and put it on. I guarantee you'll smile.

"Cuz I love you, CC."

Need to do the MAP Fund application for Overlord today. It's due, oh, tomorrow, I think. I have been last-minute Freddy this year, not usually my style, but damn we've been busy.

Not complaining, god knows it beats the alternative.

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