Tuesday, January 08, 2008

just like old times

I'm climbing on to the Chinatown bus this morning and winging down to Philadelphia, just as I did every Monday, Wednesday and Friday all of long last year. Then it was to teach at Rowan University, this morning I'm going down to work with Melanie Stewart Dance on a new piece. Love working with dancers, they are so rarely in their heads.

Reading the Collected Works of Antonin Artaud last night, caught this:

I would like to make a Book to disturb people, like an open door leading them where they never would have gone of their own free will. Simply a door communicating with reality.

Love that second sentence.

Russell's Under the Radar opens tomorrow. Go and see everything if you can. When the final game is scored and put into the record books, Mark Russell will most certainly be our MVP.

Charging up the I-Pod for the bus ride. I plan to play ? and the Mysterians Cameo Parkway, over and over, for the entire two hour trip. I remember reading Lester Bangs going on and on about these guys and, as usual, he was right. It's like a viral thing that gets in your ear. But in a good way.

Something going on up in New Hampshire today?

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