Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ballroom blitz

More on the Melanie Stewart Dance gig:

I'm writing a thing called, for now, Time to Dance. It's an exploration/spoof/implosion of the Dancing with Your Mom type shows, directed by Melanie. I have a ten page thing with the host, Bill Holdover, the celebrity Buck Harlan and his dancing partner Rita. Very hard not to just rip-off CJ Hopkins and do a screwmachine/eyecandy thing, but I think its mostly my voice so far.

Here's the big difference between New York and Philadelphia:

We rehearsed yesterday in a huge, clean studio on Broad Street, which is the main street down there. Fourth floor, windows looking out onto the main drag, everyone calm and relaxed. Walking to the studio I pass a bus stop and there's a huge poster for some small Philly theater company's next show. A bus stop poster, friends.

Contrast that to the Big Dirty. We would have been lucky to get rehearsal space in a dark room half the size, way downtown. Instead of the bus stop poster there would have been a stack of postcards on a table outside of the room. And that would be it.

Man. Hard times in New York town.

And here's the beautiful synchronicity:

I'm on the bus yesterday and I've got the Mysterians cranked up and then I put it on Shuffle Songs and Tia Carrere's cover of Ballroom Blitz from the Wayne's World soundtrack comes on. And I listen to it about forty times in a row. And I play it for Melanie and it's going to open the show now and we may even call the thing Ballroom Blitz.

And the man in the back said everyone attack
And it'll turn into a ballroom blitz
And the girl in the corner said boy, I'm gonna warn you
It'll turn into a ballroom blitz.

Ballroom blitz.

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