Tuesday, November 08, 2011

something for the kids out there

Something we take very seriously here at the Museum is our role in warping, that is, molding young minds.  What with the video games and the pinball machines and the pool halls out there, today's youth are all too easily led down the wrong path and before you know it they're stealing cars and speaking Lithuanian.  

I've seen it happen, folks.   Breaks your heart.

So here, for the edification of all, is an excerpt from the recent U.K. smash hit Apocalypse
It's kind of a social critique.

LULU:            I’ll be glad when it’s gone.
GDJET:          O hell yes. What’s that?
LULU:            All of it.
GDJET:          All of it, hell yes. Fuck it.
LULU:            What the hell was it?
GDJET:          Bunch of shit. Bunch of bullshit.
LULU:            Fucking world. Full of people.
GDJET:          All fucking each other over.
LULU:            So that they can get more shit.
GDJET:          Bunch of money-grubbing, shit-grubbing
                       fuckers grubbing shit.
LULU:            Shit-grubbers.
GDJET:          Fuckers.
LULU:            Bunch of selfish assholes, you want to
                        bottom-line it.
GDJET:          All of them?
LULU:            Every last one.
(They think.)
GDJET:          Gandhi?
LULU:            Asshole.
GDJET:          Smug bastard, wasn’t he?
LULU:            Holier-than-thou asshole.
GDJET:          Wandering around in that ridiculous little
LULU:            Total fucking asshole.
GDJET:          Shit-grubber.
LULU:            Shit-grubbing fuck.
GDJET:          Shit-grubbing, frock-wearing fucker
                       grubbing shit!
LULU:            Nelson Mandela was a total fucking prick.
GDJET:          Shit-grubbing total fucking prick.
LULU:            Bunch of shit-grubbers, really.
GDJET:          Bunch of motherfucking, shit-grubbing
                       total fucking pricks.
LULU:            All of them.
GDJET:          Every last one.
LULU:            Fuck Martin Luther King!
GDJET:          Agitator.
LULU:            And shit-grubber.
GDJET:          Motherfucking Teresa, now there’s a fucking
LULU:            Fucking leper-loving, shit-grubbing whore
                        grubbing shit!
GDJET:          They’re all a bunch of shit-grubbers.
LULU:            Oh, they grub that shit.
GDJET:          They just love to grub that shit!
LULU:            Because they’re shit-grubbing fucks.
GDJET:          Julie Andrews?
LULU:            Fuck her and her favorite fucking things.
GDJET:          Fucking shit-grubbing fuck.
LULU:            Shakespeare?
GDJET:          Fucking hack.
LULU:            Fucking shit-grubbing hack.
GDJET:          (Local hero) ?
LULU:            Fuck that shit-grubbing fuck!
GDJET:          And they’re all gonna burn.
LULU:            Gonna scream in the fire.
GDJET:          Every one of you fuckers.
LULU:            Gonna burn for grubbing shit.
GDJET:          Money-grubbing, shit-grubbing fuckers
                       gonna burn!
LULU:            Shouldn’t have grubbed all that shit.
GDJET:          You fucking shit-grubbing fucks.
LULU:            Shouldn’t have fucked each other over.
GDJET:          So you could grub each other’s shit.
LULU:            Should have thought it fucking through.
GDJET:          You motherfucking shit-grubbers.
LULU:            Everyone is gonna burn.
GDJET:          Every last one born to die. 
LULU:            Every single fucking
GDJET:          Money-grubbing
LULU:            Motherfucking
BOTH:           Shit-grubbing fuck.


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ThatAnn said...

"Fuck her and her favorite fucking things" *may* overtake
"I. Have. PHOTOGRAPHS!" for my second most oft-quoted Clancy line. There's a real chance of that happening. By, ah...Noon. Tomorrow.