Wednesday, November 09, 2011

captain overlord's folly now available

Staying on the self-promotion kick for right now, why don't every single one of you fine people go here and buy the finest, most outrageous play I've ever written?

Thanks to Martin and Rochelle Denton, it's been cyber-published as part of their genius and forward-thinking project Indie Theater Now.  Pretty sure I've got the spacing wrong on that, but go to the link and all shall be clarified.

And seriously, this is my favorite thing.  Got a ton of money from the Edinburgh International Festival a few years back to develop it, worked with a brilliant cast of actors in the old Ohio Theater's sixth floor rehearsal space, we flew over and did a staged reading and then got busy with other things.

This thing needs to be produced.  Needs some institutional support, it's a full-length, big-cast Beast.

Take a look and then give me a call.

And thank you, Dentons, for doing what you do. 

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