Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have become increasingly concerned - as had the park's owner, Brookfield Properties - that the occupation was coming to pose a health and fire safety hazard to protesters and to the surrounding community.
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Utter and complete horseshit, Mr. Mayor.

The only concern is that a group of citizens began to exercise the explicit constitutional right to gather peaceably and they chose a "privately-owned public place" to do so.  And this sets up a direct confrontation between property rights (the rich) and human rights (the rest of us).

And the rich must be protected in this country.

If you're going to run the rabble out, at least have the integrity to say why.

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ThatAnn said...

Silly poor people! Help is for BANKS!

Now, did the folks who were arrested in Zuccotti Park have to get their friends to bail them out?

Someone write that down. Next time, arrest the suits at the banks BEFORE bailing them out.