Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've never claimed to be the smartest tack in that little cardboard thing... you know, that rectangular cardboard thing that you, um... keep thumbtacks in, but...

What's going on with our continued use of "rendition" only now with new and improved "oversight"?


Mr. President?

Just to be cold-blooded about this thing, isn't the whole point of rendition that there's no oversight? Why fly a guy to Syria to not torture him when we can just not torture him here? Save the airfare, right?

Isn't this like saying:

"I'm still going to slip you this date rape drug, but don't worry, we'll be chaperoned the entire time."?

And speaking of going the whole wide world (lousy segue, but I'm pressed for time), I pitched a big old can of corn over the plate for Ann yesterday and, true to form, she crushed it. Mr. Dury pounds the skins for Wreckless Eric and we all cheer and sing along.

Come out Friday and see The Event, 6 PM.

I'm going to be hawking this bastard every day until I hear we're sold out.


Anonymous said...

yo we from msdt have been trying to get our asses up there. we have added a few rehearsals as we are panicking from all the work we need to do. need one extra week. but we shall figure it out. thinking of you and your kick ass show in nyc. we still love you even though we suck philly style. amore

John said...

You're going to kick some ass of your own, Philly-style, in about a week.