Monday, March 02, 2009


Eight to ten inches and they're digging us out here.

And I thought we were home-free.

MMMQ, in deference to the centigrade:

Lowell George's classic Cold, Cold, Cold first appeared on which Little Feat album?

1. Sailin' Shoes

2. Little Feat

3. Waiting for Columbus

4. Let it Roll

Winners get a peach or a pear or a coconut, losers stay cold.


Ann said...

I live in Siberacuse - I have a feeling I'm staying cold even though I know the answer is Sailin' Shoes. So please give my winnings to Rose...

Rosemoo said...

I like the name Let It Roll.

I claim all winnings!

Kudos to winnings.


It's really snowy here in New Rock!