Wednesday, March 25, 2009

good news and a good night

A resolution composed by the Community Board Arts Task Force that was the result of the CB 1-5 Public Forum on small theatre in NYC & a March 10 Arts Task Force meeting, passed unanimously last evening by Community Board 3, paving the way for other Community Boards to use this language to adopt similar resolutions.

The community board can now bring the resolution to elected officials, requesting further support.

I was there representing the League of Independent Theater to speak in support of the resolution, as was Shay Gines from the NYITA Foundation (and a fellow LIT board member).

Thanks are due to Paul Nagle and Paul Bartlett on this, well done, gentlemen.

It's a first step, but it's the right road to be walking on.

After the CB3 meeting Walsh and I booked up to Center Stage to catch the end of the first Get lit with LIT event, an informal Q and A and meet and greet with Robert Zukerman from NYSCA hosted by Leonard Jacobs (yet another LIT board member).

Robert was informative and hilarious. Never heard someone from NYSCA tell a group of theater artists to simply "fuck that noise" when bullshitting on a grant application. A good reminder that human beings read those applications and not some faceless "panel".

Thanks to Leonard, Robert and Jennifer Conley Darling, our new Managing Director for putting it all together.

It's looking like a good spring coming.

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