Monday, March 16, 2009

back to it

Spent a great week down in Philly working with Peter Clerke and Melanie Stewart on a Jekyll and Hyde inspired piece for next fall. Pete works with benchtours, a Scottish theater company and Mel is a director/choreographer down in Philadelphia. I've known Pete for awhile, we met up in Edinburgh years ago, but never worked with him before. I spent most of the week in the back of the room observing and taking notes as I'm the designated text guy for the project.

Pete does a lot of work with neutral masks and I hadn't seen some of the techniques he was working with. Always amazing how much power and presence those exercises can create in such a short time.

It's Monday, so here's your MMMQ.

It's 70s punk time again here at the Museum, so answer me this:

Which of the following bands are not English?

1. 999

2. The Buzzcocks

3. Generation X

4. X

Name the Yanks and collect the big bonus prize.


Ann said...

John Doe and Exene Cervenka, baby...California punks.

Glad you're back, I don't like Mondays without a music quiz.

Rosemoo said...

Yay for Scrappy Jack!

I'm thinking that "Scrappy Jack and the All Star Bar B Que Hoe Down" are probably not English.

Am I right?


Hi Ann!

Heather said...

X, from LA