Monday, March 23, 2009

city mouse?

Back from a solid week out in the country, Sunday to Sunday.

Walking across town on 23rd Street yesterday afternoon I got a good mainline injection of that Rat City high, face after face appearing in front of you and then gone only to be replaced by another life, another universe, another stranger pushing his way through the world.

And then last night out with friends at a Thai restaurant in the neighborhood, all very artsy/Manhattan/chic.

But I'll tell you. A week out in the quiet, a week seeing maybe one other human a day.

Half of me some days is ready to jump ship and swim to the shore of America.

We're listening to the great Iggy Pop this morning at the Museum. For a free two day pass to the Poconos, what kind of eyes are extolled on the second track of Brick by Brick?

Are they:

1. Faraway Eyes

2. Wild Devil Eyes

3. Angel Eyes

4. Main Street Eyes


5. The Eyes of Laura Mars?

Winners get to run in the woods, losers get stuck on the subway.


Ann said...

I love this CD - I listened to it incessently in college, to the point where my then-boyfriend said "If I have to go to 'Buttown' one more time I'm going to have to break up with you."

Iggy and I were very happy without him.

Anyway, it's Main Street Eyes, and I'm free for the Poconos anytime. Can Rose come, too?

Rosemoo said...

I'm totally on board for any sort of road trip. I'm taking my drivers license test next month! Everyone pile in the car! I will try not to crash. :P

And I vote the old school Earl of Gloucester's eyes. Those were good eyes.

Now I'm all Shakespearian feeling.


Ann said...

"I Will Try Not To Crash" is now the title of my autobiography.
Thanks Rose!

Rosemoo said...

Awesome. Glad to be of service!