Monday, December 01, 2008

words words words

Got to make this snappy as well as scrappy this morning. Going into an all-day technical rehearsal for The Truth About Santa and been up since dawn getting ready for the big League of Independent Theater members meeting on Sunday.

Expect to see most of you at both, don't break old Scrappy's heart.

Great long week-end, feel ready to make this last mad dash to the end of the year.

Our MMMQ goes back to the day, 1972, when concept albums ruled the airwaves and Jethro Tull put out their monumental Thick as a Brick. Really don't mind if you sit this one out, but what newspaper's front page was on the front of the album? Was it:

1. The Shropshire Trumpet

2. The Manchester Guardian

3. The St. Cleve Chronicle

4. The Liverpool Intelligencer


5. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch?


Tony said...

Don't know, but I assume it is NOT the St Louis paper...

I was part of a local crew and follow spot operator on a Jethro Tull Show sum 20 years ago. I remember enjoying Ian's flute playing during sound check from my follow spot position. I looked at the stage, Ian is not there. I looked at the house mixer. There is Ian and he's not playing the flute. Canned flute? Can I believe in anything anymore?

Ann said...

Oh, this is bad...I want it to be 'The Liverpool Intellegencer' because "Intellegencer" is a fantastic word.


My policy when guessing is always to guess C.

What's a Lampshade Queen to do?

Lori said...

I am pretty sure that I will be wrong on this one, but, I am going with the St. Louis Post. Gotta give props to my city.

I am at home with a wicked cold. Not only did I gain 5 lbs, this weekend, I got sick.

going back to bed

Have a good one.

John said...

The canned flute makes me very sad.

I saw those guys at Kiel Auditorium in downtown St. Louis a hundred years ago and it sure looked real to me.

Ann, is that an official guess at C?

Lori, sorry to hear you're ailing. There's a mean case of the Death Suck running through my cast, I'm staying safe by not allowing them to speak or face me while we work.

Seems to be doing the trick.

Carl said...

i want to say 4 just because i'm partial to liverpool, but i've never heard of the intellegencer, and i HAVE read the guardian many a day, so i'm gonna go with the Manchester Guardian.

Rose said...

I like the way the words 'Shropshire Trumpet' roll of my lips. So I vote for that one.

Though I'd prefer it if number one was actually 'The Shropshire Strumpet'.

Just sounds better all around really.

Lori visit my etsy shop! It will magically make you feel better!


Hah! John I'm looking forward to seeing the show. But I won't be at your meetings. Don't hate me.



Ann said...

John, when have you ever allowed your casts to face you or speak to you while working?

Yes, it's an official guess at C.
Hey, a policy's a policy. It's gotten me this far - and right now, I'm a dark horse to fill Hillary's Senate seat. If music trivia is even a *small* part of the screening process, I am IN.

Ann said...

Lori -

Best thing to do when you're sick? Lots of clear fluids. Gin and vodka work for me.

Feel better soon, BFF.