Monday, December 15, 2008

rear view mirror

I'm doing a lot of looking back these days, quietly amazed and very grateful to still be doing what I do after 18 years in the Big Dirty.

We never had much of a plan, just tried to stay interested and interesting and chase whatever seemed fun at the moment.

16 years ago we started Present Company, 11 years ago was the birth of the Fringe Festival, 6 years ago we launched Clancy Productions.

I'm feeling the end of another phase and the beginning of something else these days.

Maybe spend more time this year at the writer's desk and less time in the rehearsal hall.

Don't know.

I'll just keep walking down the road, I guess, and try to keep my eyes open.

We're looking way back for this morning's MMMQ.

Found another great CD awhile back: Big Hits of the 70s. It's all there: Right Back Where We Started From, Hot Child in the City, Hooked on a Feeling. 70s AM radio gold, my friends, including my personal favorite, You Sexy Thing.

So who believes in miracles and wants to know where you're from?

You Sexy Thing was recorded by:

1. A Taste Of Honey

2. Hot Chocolate

3. Blue Swede

4. Sugarloaf


5. The Rose Howard All-Star Jug Band featuring Rose "Vorn" Howard?


Ann said...

Oh, that song is going to be stuck in my head ALL DAY! Awesome.

I'm fairly certain it's Hot Chocolate. Yep, let's go with that.

Rose said...

Well. I wasn't alive in the seventies. But that doesn't mean I couldn't have time travelled at some point and been in a band!

So I vote for me.

Vote Rose!



3.14 said...

Oh whatever could the answer be --

Let me just think about that over a nice cup of HOT CHOCOLATE...


you know it's funny...


skippy the penguin said...

mmm, hot chocolate sounds good. ...I know I have some bailey's around here somewhere.... *rustle rustle* mmmfff! got it! yum. i believe in miracles...


Anonymous said...

It's Hot Chocolate..and was revived by the dudes in the Full Monty. love, mern