Tuesday, December 09, 2008

love from above

Great Times review for Truth About Santa today.

Pull quotes out the ying-yang, praise Gob.

It says I staged it with gusto, actually used brio, but what the hell, they can always run a correction.

So, besides some League of Independent Theater business, the rest of the year is just champagne, hookers and cigars for your scrappy correspondent.

And some caroling, of course.

All hail the Lampshade Queen. It was Keith Moon, clad all in ginger, holding a pint of ginger lager, according to Pete Townsend, who drove the original Who drummer from the stage and took his rightful seat with the immortals.

Sorry, Rosie. Should have gone with the Monkees tip and picked up the Sweet Rosie Exception.


Ann said...

Yes, John - they *can* always run a correction! It's good for their black little souls.

Say, if a fun couple from Syracuse were to come into town to see your show on December 19th...would you and Nan be around?

Now let's all take a moment to imagine Keith Moon and me on a date.

John said...

19th is a go.

You and Moon on a crime spree, sure. Can't wrap my head around a date, however.

Rose said...

No fair!