Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ruby tuesday

It's a proper fall day out there in Rat City, sweaters and jackets and such. We're starting to get holiday party invitations here at the Museum, hard to believe another year is winding down.

I've got Palin on MSNBC in the background. They keep giving her rope. She's starting to sound pathological, just babbling away with those fixed eyes and hard smile. It's a blood sport and no one seems to have the heart to crucify Johnny Mac, so Ms. Palin is tethered on the altar, I guess.

Back in rehearsal today. Also meeting up with the Stolen Chair crew today, keeping my consultant hand in.

Everyone got the MMMQ, even Rose, I'm going to have to ratchet it up next week. The Glimmer Twins produced Rewind and Obama is a de facto correct answer for the forseeable future.

Tony brings up the Google question.

I don't know about the fine young men and women of Temple University, paying good money for their education, but it seems to me there's something sacrosanct about a weekly online music quiz.

But I'll leave it to the judges to parse.

Happy Veterans Day to all.

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