Monday, November 10, 2008

itching and scratching

and just trying to move on. I'm seriously jonesing over here without my nightly Chuck Todd numbers and Chris Matthews televised bar-fights.

And I don't want to hear about McCain or Bush or any of those other liars being "generous" or "gracious".

It's actually quite easy to be nice when you've lost, the test of a person is how you behave when you're in a fight.

Spent the weekend working on The Truth About Santa, Greg Kotis' apocalyptic holiday tale. How many shows manage to fit in singing elves, candy-wine, ice wolves, joy-weed and the Apocalypse in under an hour?

Damn few, I would imagine, but I'm working on one of them.

Also had a very productive League of Independent Theater board meeting on Sunday. The fall flung us all far and wide, we're back now and focused. Charter members should be hearing from us very soon and I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. Much to be done.

Caught Shine a Light last night on my Time Warner Video on Demand (or Video on Humble Request as me and McGee call it, since it often involves wailing "O please! Come on!" at the TV screen before your selection appears.) Man. Those boys haven't lost a step. Great footage of the lads acting sweet and harmless, shaking hands with Bill Clinton and friends before taking the stage and then hurling themselves into the Rock and Roll Frenzy.

The Stones are the subject of today's MMMQ. Rewind (1971-1984) was produced by:

1. The Neville Brothers

2. The Chemical Brothers

3. The Glam Twins

4. The Glimmer Twins


5. The Righteous Brothers, except for track five, Tumbling Dice, produced by the Olsen Twins.

Winners get a heaping spoonful of Brown Sugar, losers are just Fools to Cry.


Tony said...

The Glimmer Twins!
Using google is not cheating is it?

Saw the Stones Voodoo Lounge in Columbia MO of all places. Best rock show ever. I mean ever.

Ann said...

Glimmer Twins.

Don't play with me 'cause you're playing with fire...

John said...

Pretty sure using the Google would be cheating, but I'll have to get out the manual. I know you can turn around and check out your music collection, or fiddle around with your Ipod. You're always welcome to phone a friend or shout out across the room.

But Google to Wikipedia to the old Comment section?

Feels hinky, Tony.

Carl said...

i didnt know the answer until the Google master spilt the beans, but i was quite fond of the idea of the Olsen twins producing. the only thing i did know was that it definitely was NOT the chemical brothers. i saw them live last December in Liverpool.

splicing house music with the stones...i see a brilliant opportunity.

Rose said...

I vote Obama.

That was one of the options right?


Did I screw that one up?

Was that supposed to be last week?

Tony said...

So are you suggesting that when my students use google that they are actually cheating?

Rose said...

Using the internets is always cheating Tony. :D Don't you agree 'mad grinning gipper of death'?