Tuesday, November 25, 2008

our ancestors speak

Here's Herbert Blau, writing back in 1964:

If, as I believe, it is the nature of the theater to court peril, then it's a risk one may have to take if he wants to work in it honorably. There is a lot of desire and thinking incipient in our theater that is quickly cowed by the cocksure weary realism of established mediocrity. It may be true that thought collects in pools, but still water stinks if not deep. And we must talk up if we're not to be talked down to.

"...cocksure weary realism of established mediocrity."

Man, that's good.

Good run-through of The Truth About Santa last night in the space.

Thank gob for my musical elves, they're making me look great up there.

Ann correctly lassos Wildcat Kelley, winning another MMMQ and Rose wins as well, since (as she points out), Rattlesnake Pete is exactly the name you'd give to an old hound dog if you lived down South, which was the question hidden within the initial question.

Way to go deep, Rose.

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Rose said...

I'm cool that way. Super deep. :D