Monday, November 24, 2008

professor scrappy

Spent the weekend up at Williams College, taking part in the Dialogue One Festival.

Taught a master class, Matt Oberg did The Event, all just a regular part of our ongoing efforts to warp young minds and feed off of the hulking, shambling beast that is the American theater's academic gulag.

Lot of money up there in them ivory towers.

The League is convening on December 7th, if you're not a member yet, well, why the hell not?

Download the application at

Due to some Museum housekeeping that had to get done, today's MMMQ is technically a MAMQ, but don't let that throw you. Ann was looking for a challenge, so how's this:

Ella Fitzgerald warbles her early genius all the way through "Don't Fence Me In". Who wants land, lots of land, under starry skies above? Who wants to ride to the ridge where the West commences and gaze at the moon until he loses his senses?

Who don't want to be fenced in?

1. Rattlesnake Pete

2. Wildcat Kelly

3. Wild Joe Poke

4. Johnny Appleseed


6. Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens?

Winners get to wander over yonder til they see the mountains rise, losers get the pokey.


Ann said...

No pokey for me, because I have both volumes of the Cole Porter Songbook right here at my desk! My love of Cole Porter knows no bounds, and I do a kick-ass "Miss Otis Regrets"...which is remarkable, considering I really don't sing very well otherwise.

Wildcat Kelley can't look at hobbles and he can't stand fences.

Have you ever heard David Byrne's version of this song? Loopy fun, man. Not as good as my "Miss Otis", but still.

John said...

Byrne sings Porter?

Gives me weird shivers.

The Weird Shivers. Now, they rocked.

Ann said...

*That* gives you the weird shivers? Try Iggy Pop covering "Well Did You Evah" with Debbie Harry!

Also The Pogues do a version of "Miss Otis". Not as awesome as mine, though Shane MacGowan and I do have some similar vocal qualities.

And drinking habits.

John said...

And then there's Tiny Tim with Brave Combo doing Stairway to Heaven. Right up there with all-time weird shivers.

Rose said...

I vote for rattlesnake pete. Cause that sounds like a name I would give to a mangy dog living on my property in the deep south.