Friday, October 09, 2009

up for air

I write to you from the lovely home of Liz and Tony Hostetter, fine folks and theater professionals who are putting me up while we thrash around devising a new take on Jekyll and Hyde.

Doing a lot of group movement work and beginning to drop in a little text. Focusing on decay, transformation and shamelessness. An incredibly game group of actors.

President Obama won the Nobel Prize this morning. Also Teen Beat's "Hunkiest World Leader", which can only deepen the rift betweeen him and Chavez.

Crazy world out there, be careful and have a great weekend all.


sharksfinsoup said...

Gonna be in NY this week and was wondering if there are any John Clancy performances in town? Perhaps a revival of his 1980 "A Man for All Seasons"... I hear the Duke of Norfolk was particularly brilliant in that.

John said...

Is that Tony?

I'm down in Philly all week, just in town Thursday afternoon for the Union Square Free Night launch.

The Duke of Norfolk stole the fucking show, as I remember.

sharksfinsoup said...

Good Luck down in Philly John.

I get to NY frequently so I'll try again some time in the future. Would love to get together for a beer or something.

Warmest Regards,

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