Friday, October 16, 2009

huge kudos and a great show

Ruth, Paul, Jen and Phil, take a bow.

Yesterday was the launch of Free Night here in Rat City and the whole magilla was scheduled for Union Square, with booths, installations, a big stage, you name it.

And then the weather rolled in.

These guys scrambled and scraped like the theater pros they are, somehow got the number for the owner of Union Square Theater and moved the whole thing inside, losing only about a half hour in the day's entire schedule.

It was beautiful, with words from Oskar Eustis, Lisa Kron, Mark Russell, Michael McKean, Susan Louise O'Connor and many others, performances by the Neo-Futurists, the TEAM and the extraordinary Cynthia Hopkins, all MC'd by the indefatigable Robert Zukermann.

Quite a show.

Last night I caught Laika Dog in Space, the Neo-Futurists full-length over at the Ontological-Hysteric.

My god, go see this show. Funny, truthful, about something, very silly, great music, honest and they serve piping hot borscht at the end.

Best thing I've seen in quite some time.

Bundle up out there and have a great weekend all.

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