Monday, October 19, 2009

first draft

Stunning autumn day out here in the Poconos, where I'm holed up finishing the first draft of the Jekyll and Hyde piece. Trees are a riot of color standing swaying in front of a deep blue sky.

Saw a black bear the other day. We were in the car and it was at least thirty yards away, just loping through the woods, heading away from us, but man, that gets the old primate brain cooking. We stopped the car and just sat there hooting, watching the beast shamble away.

Busy week ahead, Philly tomorrow, home Wednesday and then out to St. Louis and down to Memphis for a few days on family business. Nice to be on the road again.

Here's a MMMQ for all the hippies and hippies at heart.

I was looking at the cover of the eponymous Crosby, Stills and Nash album. The boys are sitting on the old couch on the front porch, staring into the camera all scruffy and brilliant. But whose that ghostly figure on the back cover, looking through the door?

Is it:

1. Paul Kantner

2. Dallas Taylor

3. Neil Young


4. Jim Gordon?

Winners get a ride on the Marrakesh Express, losers are a long time gone.

1 comment:

Rosemoo said...

Rose knows nothing of the good old days, so she votes, Michael Jackson.

It would be creepy, no?