Wednesday, May 20, 2009

small steps, right direction

There's a new Basic Showcase Code going into effect in New York on Monday:

Essentially it raises the allowed budget up to 35K and gives an extra week of rehearsal.

Reacting just as an independent artist, not speaking for the League of Independent Theater or anyone else, I think this is a positive sign and a good first step.


The two most important issues, number of performances and the ability to videotape, remain unchanged.

What we really need is the creation of a new code, something like an Extended Showcase Code, that allows successful shows to stay alive and be seen.

I have no doubt that these Code revisions are a direct result of the advocacy we've all been engaged in and I'm heartened to see these changes, small though they may be.

Step by step.

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Colin D. Young said...

As you say, small steps, but the seasonal code just went up to a $25 ticket price, in addition to the extra week of rehearsal.