Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iron man

Chained to the desk prepping for a LIT board meeting tonight and trying to figure out how to rehearse the same show with two different actors.

Had my annual physical this morning and once again was astonished to hear the doctor say:

"You're in great shape."

Man, if I quit smoking and drinking I'd be a triathlete this time next year.

Thanks for the genes, o mighty ancestors.

And a fabled streak has ended, friends. The Lampshade Queen has stumbled, bringing sweet Rose down with her. Elliot's older brother Mike is an Elvis Costello fan, singing Accidents Will Happen in the kitchen while the alien waits above.

Deeply obscure, I know. Sorry, ladies.


Ann said...

Son of a BITCH! I've always hated that ugly little puppet.

Not that I'm, you know, BITTER.

Rosemoo said...

I just sing the Psycho Killer song whenever it comes up. It's like a disease.