Monday, April 13, 2009

24 hours in a day

Got my copy of the 24 Hour Play Anthology in the mail on Friday, spent the weekend reading it.

Having been through the process, it's hilarious to read short plays by Adam Rapp, Theresa Rebeck, David Ives and others and know that at a certain point, say, 3:30 AM, they were staring at the page or screen thinking:


This is going nowhere.

Why did I agree to this?

And then they solve it at, say, 4:30 AM and these beautiful short pieces are born.

The anthology includes a short work by Mike Doughty, one of my favorite pieces in the collection, Ray Slape is Dead.

And this leads us to our MMMQ.

Besides being a fine playwright, Mike Doughty is also known as the frontman for what great alternative rock band?

Is it

1. Husker Du

2. Pavement

3. Blind Melon

4. Soul Coughing?


5. Porter Waggoner and the Waggoneers?


Ann said...

Soul Coughing - one of the all-time best band names EVER.

He has some excellent solo stuff, too. "27 Jennifers" comes up on the satellite radio every now and then and always makes me smile.

Seriously, how good am I at this MMMQ? Need to figure out how to translate this into a full time music trivia job...

Rosemoo said...

Hmmm. I'm always hosed when I read Ann's comment before making a decision. I can't help but want to jump on the bandwagon.

Ann, take us both to fame and fortune! I'll drink all the booze and flirt with the floozies, k?