Tuesday, April 07, 2009

men at work

They're tearing up the whole world outside my window this morning, playing the classic Rat City symphony at full volume. We got the drilling, the generators, lots of loud, random beeping. Mark Twain said it way back in the day, New York will be a great town as soon as they finish building it.

Got the proofs for the acting edition of Fatboy yesterday. Looking good. I just need to go over them and make sure that what should be "motherfucker" isn't "cocksucker".

Ah, the vagaries of art.

Also need to put some time into the Philly Live Arts show I'm working on with Melanie Stewart. Working title was Time to Dance, now it's Kill Me Now.

So you can see what direction that one's heading.

Ann aces the MMMQ with a little extra credit as well. Dylan was first Lucky and then became Boo Wilbury. Rose tried to play it straight and so gets burned this week.

Sorry about that, Rosie.

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