Tuesday, February 10, 2009

two years

It was two years ago today that Barack Obama announced his presidential run. Watching him at the podium last night you could see the thought flickering in his eyes and almost hear the words he had to keep biting back:

"This is not the job I applied for."

It's like Bush and the New Crazies drove the car until it was out of gas, oil and water and then at the last moment slammed it head-on into a brick wall. Then they climbed out, handed the kid the keys and said, smiling,

"Good luck, son."

Maybe two years from now we'll begin to get out of this Great Downward Slide to Hell or whatever we end up calling it.

Ann and Rose take their familiar victory laps. Ann because she got it right, Rose because she correctly sussed the subliminal question: who duets with Laurie Anderson on Excellent Birds?

Good sussing, Rose.

1 comment:

Rosemoo said...

Yay for winning!

I'm bored. And lonely at the house.

Come visit my blog and say hi!


It will cheer me up I swear.


Hope Nan feels better today.