Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tv boy

Had to get up at the crack of hell and run out of the house this morning, so it's a rare afternoon post from all of us at the Museum.

Spent most of yesterday with a mic running up my shirt.

Did a long segment for the Tokyo Broadcasting System's New York bureau on the plight of small theater in New York.

Sing it with me, "I'm big in Japan."

Then a thing for a new thing that Martin and Rochelle and the good folks at the New York Theater Experience, Inc. are cooking up. Sat with Elena and we did the old creation myth of FringeNYC dog and pony show we used to have to do at the drop of a hat years ago.

We still got it.

Then home to catch the President's address.

Holy moley, I wanted to run out and vote for him all over again. Just seeing Biden sitting and grinning in the Dark Lord's old seat was magic.

We may all be going to hell in a handbasket, but we're going to be inspired as all hell when we get there.


Ann said...

...Did you just make an Alphaville reference?!

Rock the fuck on, John Clancy.

John said...

An unintended Alphaville reference, how about that?