Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the more things change

Just read that 71 years ago today, Our Town opened on Broadway.

Guess what's opening Off-Broadway this spring?

In the year 2079, look for the definitive Off-Off Broadway production.

I love a classic as much as the next gent, but...

In the words of St. Antonin:

"We steadfastly refuse to regard theatre as a museum for masterpieces, however fine and human they may be... We will always maintain that any work is worthless if it does not belong to a certain localized state of mind, chosen not because of its virtues or defects but purely because of its relativity. We do not want art or beauty. What we are looking for are ENGAGED emotions. "

And he was writing back in 1929.

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Robert said...

Hey John,

Where is that quote from?

(I realize this is almost a year after you wrote that so I hope you remember.)