Monday, February 15, 2010

No word from the little laptop shop, so we live in hope and work on a borrowed computer.

Presidents Day, so gob bless them all. Except for Reagan, of course. And Bush. And his dad. And Nixon. And that idiot Hoover. And...

Here's an MMMQ in questionable taste on this day:

In 1985 after releasing Frankenchrist, The Dead Kennedys were criminally charged with:

1. distribution of harmful matter to minors

2. plagiarism

3. criminal mischief


4. moral turpitude

Winners get a holiday in Cambodia, losers get drafted.


Rosemoo said...

I like the word Turpitude, so I'm voting for that one.

Ann said...

Oh Rose, if you like the word Turpitude, I can only imagine what you'll think of the lead singer's name:
Jello Biafra

I believe they were charged with distributing harmful material to minors, but wasn't it because of the album cover or something? I don't think it was the songs themselves...

And yes, I have "Too Drunk to Fuck" on my iPod, making playing songs on shuffle a craphoot in mixed company.