Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Got this today, passing it on. Come if you can.

And Ann knows her produce.

This Wednesday, February 3rd, at the Fulton Center Auditorium, 119 Ninth Avenue (between 17th and 18th Streets), Manhattan Community Board 4 is going to consider a letter written by its Theater Task Force for passage.

At 6:30, on that evening, members of the public are invited to sign-up for
a public session at which they will be given two minutes to speak on any
topic that interests them.

Any member of the public, who resides or works (or performs) within the
confines of Community District 4, 14th Street to 59th, 8th Avenue to the
Hudson River, is invited to attend.

If you are a theater artist, who supports the tax credit initiative that
the unprecedented alliance of Community Board Arts related committees are
developing, we need your support at that meeting.

We need you there to speak up on its behalf.

The chances of the passage of the CB4 Theater Task Forces letter which informs our elected officials of the Community Board alliance formed to support small to mid-sized non-profit performing arts organizations, and in addition, asks for their
consideration of an innovative tax credit proposal to help us reduce the
crisis confronting the independent theater sector, can only benefit from
your presence and participation at this public session.

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