Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pay me

A really thoughtful and comprehensive summary of Outrageous Fortune is over on Matt Freeman's blog, matthewfreeman.blogspot.com. Here's a taste:

Our view of the value of creators in the US is upside down. We value distribution and middle-management over creation. We pay the gatekeepers; we pay the decision makers; we pay the marketers. But we shrug at the naivety of creative artists who want to make a living. The very people who produce the fuel that many institutions run on are paid less than the people who write grants on their behalf.

This is not to belittle the hard and wonderful work done by development staff and marketing staff and literary staff. It's just a reminder that we must rethink how artists are compensated.

Also, my LIT compadre and fellow officer Paul Bargetto is guest blogging on the NYITA site and he argues the same case, check it out at nyitawards.blogspot.com.

Ann and Mickle score big and collect the bonus points, too.


RLewis said...

Thanks for the tip to Paul's wonderful writing. Made me wish that it was on a LIT site.

Ann said...

So many fabulous lines in that bot posting, but my winner is:


You used to see that sort of slogan in Times Square, pre-Guiliani.

Good times.

John said...

I don't mind so much when robots post, but when they start selling crazy shit in the lobby of the Museum, well, that robot has got to go.

Anonymous said...

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