Monday, January 18, 2010

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This is happening tonight:


Saint Marks' 25th Annual King Dinner
Monday January 18th, 2010 7:00 pm. Parrish Hall
131 East Tenth Street Tenth and Second Ave...use the 11th street entrance.

This year the program for our 25th Martin Luther King ..I Have A Dream Remembrance program, we will pay tribute to Lynne Stewart. Preist-in Charge Winnie Varghese, Pastor Micheal Releyea, and Vestry Warden Cynthia Copeland as representatives of the Saint Marks Community are pleased to urge the community-at-large to come out and support Lynne who is a beloved member of our congregation.
The event will feature Norman Marshall, the Rev Paul Chandler, Joy Kelly, actress, members of the Saint Marks Choir and musical ensemble and actor Earl Gianquinto.
Hosted by Music Director Jeannine Otis, the event will explore the connection to Dr. King's writing from the
Birmingham Prison.
It promises to be a soul-filled uplifting evening. Food will be coordinated by Annette Hendrikse, Saint Marks vestry member and well-known lower eastside chef. Guests are encourage to bring special dishes.

Took part in the Devoted and Disgruntled gathering this weekend. Left feeling less Despondent and Deranged, so something stuck.

And here's a big can of corn right over the plate since I'm feeling pressed for time today:

What does Pablo Picasso drive when he's eyeballing the young ladies and not being called an asshole?

1. Mustang

2. Coupe de Ville

3. Mercury

4. Eldorado

I'm just praying that my anonymous robot pal answers this one.

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Ann said...

I think your robot friend wrote several sections of the annual report I'm working on...where can I get this shit translated into human?

I love the rhyming of "Picasso" and "Asshole". Love. It.

Of course the answer is El Dorado - in songs, it's always a Cadillac.