Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a special place

in hell awaits these scumbags:

The United Homeless Organization, supposedly a nonprofit group set up to help feed and house the homeless, was actually an elaborate fraud.

According to a complaint filed by Mr. Cuomo on Tuesday morning, U.H.O. does not operate a single shelter, soup kitchen or food pantry. It does not provide food or clothing to the homeless. It does not even donate money to other charities that do.

Most of those coins and bills, Mr. Cuomo contended, end up in the pockets of the group’s founder and president, Stephen Riley, and its director, Myra Walker. The rest was kept by those working the donation tables, who paid a daily fee to Mr. Riley and Ms. Walker for the right to use the U.H.O. tables, jugs and aprons.

Nicholas Confessore, writing in the New York Times

Truly world-class scumbaggery.

Had a touch of the 24 hour Death Suck yesterday, kept me in bed most of the day. Sleep, tomato soup and the love of a good woman have restored me. Next week's MMMQ will be twice as tricky, promise.

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