Monday, June 08, 2009

me neither

Didn't see the Tonys. Not really a choice, forgot they were on and got caught up in a bunch of old Dexters.

Love that serial killer.

Kill Me Now had a nice showing on Friday at the nEW Festival and then scorched the roof off of the place on Saturday. Everything came together, the rhythm and the flow and the performances and the audience was with us from the opening speech. Very encouraging.

Pulling our MMMQ out of thin air today, but here goes:

Which Englishman was born David Robert Hayward-Jones in 1947?

1. David Bowie

2. Sid Vicious

3. Davy Jones

4. Joe Strummer


Ann said...

Was there a 'thin air' 'Thin White Duke' hint there, Clancy? If so, I appreciate it. I actually thought David Bowie was slightly older.

Rosemoo said...

I decided to choose before I saw the Lampshade Queen's answer. And LO! We have the same answer.

David Sexy Bowie. King of the man package in Labyrinth. We watched it the other night. White spandex pants and 80's rock star hair and he was still freakin hot. How does he do it?