Monday, June 01, 2009

beautiful day

Holy God, I can't believe what's outside my window. Perfect blue sky, trees shimmering green in the sun, birdsong everywhere.

Have to leave paradise, drive into Rat City, work for a few hours and then back down to Philly for a tech tonight.

No complaints here.

Missed our MMMQ last week as the Museum was shut for the holidays, so here's our first summer quiz:

Noted musician and outlaw chef Tom Waits takes us through the steps of cooking up a Filipino Box Spring Hog on Mule Variations.

Which of the below is not recommended by Mr. Waits?

1. Slap that hog

2. Roll him over twice

3. Baste it with a sweeping broom

4. Rub him all over with the Rebel Yell

Winners get a Chocolate Jesus, losers have to room with the Eyeball Kid.


Ann said...

Everyone knows that Rebel Yell will ruin a perfectly good Filipino Box Spring Hog.

Rosemoo said...

I actually know this one!!!! And of course Ann beat me to it. Rebel Yell is just no good for hog.

Don't forget to chain up the dogs.