Thursday, May 04, 2006

scrappy gets a job

I just got hired to teach acting and directing at Rowan University next year. For you geography buffs, yes, that's in Glassboro, NJ. Got some thoughts rattling around about the post-Stanislavski methods of actor training and the general state of the theatre that these kids will be walking into after they graduate, will post soon.

In the meantime, please go by 59E59 Street and support our British brethren. It's the Brits Off Broadway Festival, a lot of stuff from last year's Edinburgh Festival, usually top-notch. And the theater has a bar. Very civilized.


Joshua James said...

I'll try and swing by the festival, John, but do the Brits do a similar festival for american playwrights over there?

I'm rather envious of brit playwrights, they seem to have so much more support over there than we do here.

John said...

No similar festival I'm aware of, but what a good idea. There's a place called the Menier Chocolate Factory on the south bank, we did Americana Absurdum there two years ago and the next show was Fully Committed. Programmer has a good eye for American work. I'll drop him a line, because that's a really good idea...

My limited experience in the UK is that it's a better-funded universe, yes, but the new and the innovative meets the same level of resistance in both countries.