Thursday, May 25, 2006

comment round-up

A lot of great comments and the beginnings of some good conversations since the Draft Mission Statement post. Thanks everyone for reading and joining in the discussion. In the interest of efficiency, I'll summarize some of the thoughts:

Walls and Bunkers comments:
James points out part of the problem may stem from too much supply rather than too little demand. This has been Zach's point for years, there's just too many little theater companies in New York. I think the problem is not that there are too many, it's that they're not organized.

Jake calls for a multi-generational and multi-disciplinary movement. Now that's interesting. Visual arts collectives and homeless theatre companies pooling resources to get a physical space.

Ann, god love her, applauds the general idea and speaks for the audience, saying the artists shouldn't do all the heavy lifting. She talks very practically, pointing us towards theatre departments in universities, getting administrative support, etc.

And then Jesica, an AEA member and co-founder of Collaboration Town, gives a hearty hell yes, let's do this thing.

Comments on the original post, the Draft Mission Statement post:

Colin calls for a broader approach, not just changing the Showcase Code, but changing Equity. There's some support and concern expressed and then Zach goes a little further and proposes starting a new union, perhaps along the lines of that Freelancers Union I used to see advertised on the subway. Mark and George weigh in, helping to differentiate this embryonic idea from what ART/New York is already doing.

There are more comments and more issues expressed than the above, but in order to steer the conversation forward, let me ask this:

How do people envision this League operating? Non-profit? Membership organization? What's the staff? Does it need a physical office? Where might that be? Would anyone reading this pay dues or a membership fee? What would the League do, actually and practically, to merit that money?

And let me say this:

I'm enjoying being an artist right now. I've also got a lot of producing and consulting and teaching work lined up right now. So if this is going to happen, we're going to need three or four more people to devote some time and focused energy to build it. And once we build it, I may not be the right guy to run it.

Calling out for a little vision here. General sense is that the thing is needed. What does the thing look like?


Scott Walters said...

John -- I agree with Ann -- this IS something that academia could help with. If there is anything a non-NYC (i.e., Asheville, NC) professor can do, I'm happy to do what I can.


Parallel Exit said...


You've brought up two central questions here - what can this League do, and who will run it.

I think the most important issue you've raised is the working conditions of independent theatre. Can this League truly affect change in this area? If it can, you better believe I would be willing to pay a membership fee. I pay one already to A.R.T./New York, in large part to be eligible for their Nancy Quinn Fund. That's their way of trying to improve the conditions. Obviously, I'm not expecting this League to seed a grant for its members, but practical action on the problem would sell me. What is that action? What's realistic, what's going to actually change as a result? Oh, how I hope there's an answer to those questions...

Secondly, who will run it (or as one of my company members says, who is willing to "sit behind the desk?"). Obviously, an artist is going to spend every free moment working on their show. Is there someone who is not an artist who would be willing to step in? Someone on the administrative side, who would have the time to take this on? Even better, is there more than one person?

I know I'm answering your questions with more questions, but I hope they lead to an answer. I'm here and ready to help.

JR Hooker said...
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JR Hooker said...

Now is the time for asking question, not trying to make blind statements and I applaud both John and Mr or Mrs Exit (and everyone else) for doing just that.

My biggest question is: what IS this organization that other organizations AREN'T. Basically echoing the comment about A.R.T./NY -- which everybody is basically a member of so that they can apply for the Nancy Quinn fund which nicely shows off one of the bigger problems we fact...everybody's going for the same small pot of money.

There's also other smaller bodies like the Community Dish. For those that don't know The Dish is a group of off-off companies that get together to discuss the very issues we're facing and to hopefully band together. I'm wondering if someone -- uh, Zach? or James? -- who is a much more steady member than I ever was could speak to what the difference might be between the Dish and what John's proposing.

I guess basically I want to talk about what's out there, why it's not working or working differently and how this is meant to be different. Let's leave no stone unturned. There Art/NY, The Dish, Equity, even TCG. All of these and Mr. Walters from NC's comments lead me to ask -- are we talking about a local body, state-wide, national, international?

I definitely agree that somebody that's not an artist should take the reigns. Or, preferably, several people that aren't artists. Do such art-loving, action-minded people exist? Maybe that's were Academia comes into play?

I for one do feel a lot of energy for these topics and am anxious to really band together to make life better for us. (Which begs the question -- is life really so bad? How? I just feel like there are a lot of generalizations out there that need to be openly discussed.)

Tim Errickson said...

I wanted to answer the questions about the Dish, and hopefully shed some light on where the Dish has struggled and where this organization might have a different mission.

I am the current president of the Community Dish, taking over from Zachary Mannheimer in Feb 2006. The reason the Dish was so exciting originally was because it had no agenda, and as such was a place where people could network, make connections, share resources, and spark collaboration. At some point in the early days, the frustrations of the industry caused people to want to take up larger struggles, with the Dish being a force for change. Some of the ideas were to try to found an Arts Lottery in Brooklyn, trying to get a physical space, and a collective purchase of advertising space. Some worked to a degree, some didn't get off the ground.

My goals for Dish currently (without making this into a commecial) are to get back to the original idea of a place to gather and exchange, rather than a group that will organize actual change. If members of the Dish choose to make changes, great. If they want to share those adventures with the group at a Dish meeting, terrific. But the Dish won't be spearheading changes. Hopefully that makes some kind of coherent sense.

Where John's organization might be different would obviously be in the purpose to achieve reform. And the issue of leadership/administration is always a tricky one, as everyone who wants these changes wants to be creating art, and those not creating art don't get the need for the changes.

Melody Brooks is the Artistic Director of New Perspectives, and she and others just had a very eye opening meeting with Ginny Louloudes from ART/NY. It might be worth talking to her about it.

Sorry to ramble on. Thank You.

John said...

Scott, let me throw the question back to you, what can you imagine doing to help this along with the national and university resources you have that we don't? Typing as I think, how do university presses work? Are they some sort of useful models?


I like when questions lead to questions. You're right in pointing out that the core of what I've been talking about is the actual working conditions. The venues. The economics. The audience. So I'm imagining a smaller, more advocacy focused ART/NY dedicated to producers, artists and companies that work in 99 seat theaters or smaller.

JR, I was speaking of a New York-based organization since that's the world I know. No reason it can't grow to a national organization, with different chapters in different cities. Everything is wide open now when we're just talking about it. Building a national organization feels beyond my ability right now, my instinct is to stay local at first.

Thanks for clarifying the current goals of the Dish, Tim. How would I get ahold of Melody?

Probably going quiet for the weekend. Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

THALATTA! Theatre International said...

Firstly, I'm so happy to have chanced upon this site and dialogue. I think it's a vital one and worth considerable discussion.

In a very simple attempt to answer the big question, I think, sadly, we come back to the age old issue of economics and support. Where is the money and who are the people (arts administrators) to manage it? If it's one artist (or three) running things, they will eventually come up against of the way of being more of a producer/manager than an artist. Especially in an environment where it's hard enough to get butts in seats, it's doubly difficult to sacrifice your artistic pursuits to serve the common good.

I've found that many NY theatre artists are out for themselves, and maybe rightly so. As much as I envision a real community of artists supporting each others' work and pooling resources, our cut-throat island of eight million demands that we focus on our individual advancement. As we all know, it's hard enough paying the rent. The depressing reality is that no 'big time' donor is going to bequest any funding unless they can see what will benefit them. Other than the satisfying feeling of doing something worthwhile or getting their name on a theatre marquee, there is little else to offer.

The idea of a physical space that can be shared amongst many is a wonderful idea, and may present a situation that benefits many, almost like a Time Share. We all throw into the pot and get a chunk of time to split. Just need to find a real estate mogul to pony up. In this fashion, we can pool audience lists and technical resources, keeping costs lower. Maybe one company can help market or run house for another company, knowing that they will receive the same in return. This might allow us to truly focus on the art in progress, cause that’s ultimately what we desire.

Doug Howe
Artistic Director
THALATTA! Theatre International

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