Thursday, November 01, 2012


The storm has passed.
The strangest things on this calm bright morning are the trees.
I thought I knew them, as much as I knew anything always there,
taller, stronger, older than me.
They stand silent, straight and still
like rioters facing the judge the morning after.
Blameless, innocent, just another part of the landscape
Nothing betraying the wild dance in the dark.

But I saw them.
All of them moving, swaying and writhing
In an ancient ecstasy that I could only witness
Throwing their branches up into the night sky
Waving their many arms like the front row
of the greatest rock and roll concert
the world has ever known
Screaming silently, I swear I heard them scream
Take me
Lift me up from my roots, tear me from this earth
And let me fly away with you into the wild night.

I thought I knew them
But I know now they are crazier and braver and much, much smarter
Than anything else out here


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