Tuesday, August 14, 2012

lines of flight

"There is nothing imaginary, nothing symbolic about a line of flight.  There is nothing more active than a line of flight, among animals or humans.  Even History is forced to take that route rather than proceeding by "signifying breaks".  What is escaping in a society at a given moment?  It is on lines of flight that new weapons are invented, to be turned against the heavy arms of the State. "I may be running, but I'm looking for a gun as I go" (George Jackson).  It was along lines of flight that nomads swept away everything in their path and found new weapons, leaving the Pharaoh thunderstruck.  It is possible for a single group, or a single individual even, to exhibit all the lines we have been discussing simultaneously.  But it is most frequently the case that a single group or individual functions as a line of flight; that a group or individual creates the line rather than following it, is itself the living weapon it forges rather than stealing one.  Lines of flights are realities; they are very dangerous for societies, although they can get by without them, and sometimes manage to keep them to a minimum." 
 Deleuze and Guatarri,  A Thousand Plateaus

Emphasis mine.

This is why I'm thrilled that Transient Theater exists.

And very happy that their inaugural show, The Egg Play, rocks.

Only three more shows, don't miss it.

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