Thursday, February 16, 2012

come on down to Clinton Street

Read all about it.

HERE and PS 122 climbed aboard the train on Tuesday, welcome Kristin and Vallejo.

Big party/discussion/shindig at the Living Theater on Monday the 27th, should be some lively banter.


UNFUN said...

Great and amazing work on getting this going. My question, will Equity and its cost prohibitive Showcase Code keep out of this, or do you think this might finally open a REAL dialogue in increasing the number of shows days to a
REAL number of performances = REAL possibility of Recoup for entrepreneurs?



John said...

The Humbleman speaks.
Excellent question.
I don't know how this directly or indirectly dances with AEA, but if things play out as planned, the Showcase Code will be a lively topic of debate this year.