Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Albany blitz

This from NYS ARTS:

The Legislature will be in session starting April 7. Our message MUST be in front of them this week when they get back to Albany. Let's blitz the Senate and the Assembly at this critical time with 10,000 messages by April 9!!!!

Both Houses have printed their budget resolutions. Now they will negotiate to determine the final State budget. The arts can still LOSE or GAIN ground. It is up to you!

The Senate restored $3.25 million or 50% of the $6.5 million cut to NYSCA local assistance (grants) funding proposed by the Governor. The Assembly restored $1.6 million or 25% of the cut proposed by the Governor.

This is the time to send our legislators the following message:

1) To your Senator: Thank you for your support. Please be vigilant and make sure that the 50% restoration of $3.250 million to NYSCA local assistance is maintained.

2) To your Assembly members: Please increase the restoration from 25% or $1.6 million to 50% or $3.250 million, matching the Senate support of NYSCA local assistance funding.

Remember, we only have resolutions from each House. So we MUST to be heard during this step in the process, which is perhaps the most important time to make our voices heard.

Numbers can and do change in the final hours. Send your message NOW. Protect what we already have and help get us what we need.

Traveling yesterday, so missed the MMMQ. I'll get extra tricky next week, promise.

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