Thursday, November 29, 2007

lone star return

Going down to Dallas, TX tomorrow. Flight's scheduled for 7:05 AM in the mean, mean morning. Mostly going for kicks, seeing some very good old friends. Some business, meeting with Kitchen Dog Theater and maybe Undermain.

Ah, Dallas. The Metroplex. Crazy-ass transplanted Easterners dancing with the real deal, Texans, folks who grew up in the Republic of the Lone Star, a state you can't drive across in a day, a flat land underneath a blazing, watchful sky. Gets weird down there, or at least it did for me.

Good, productive day today. Started a little thing I'm writing for Melanie Stewart Dance, ten minute piece for the nEW Festival in January. Going to be fun. Think I've cast Overlord, at least for the reading on Dec. 11. Nice progress continues happening with LIT, great group of people.

So farewell, my friends. I'm going deep in the heart of Texas. Back, god willing, on Monday.

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